Bake and Blend Sesh w/ TIFF - the Webinar
Bake and Blend Sesh w/ TIFF - the Webinar

Bake and Blend Sesh w/ TIFF - the Webinar

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Join Koala for @JUSTIFF247's Bake and Blend Smoke Sesh (the Webinar). This is a cannabis friendly, makeup tutorial webinar! No experience necessary but this class will be focused on advanced techniques! 

Tiff is a full-time mental health professional and a part-time, self-taught, makeup wizard. For her, doing makeup became a positive coping skills that let's her focus and center her energy.

WHEN: Saturday, July 25th 10am PST / 1pm EST


This is a 2 hour virtual webinar combining cannabis and make up.

What is a webinar? It's a video seminar hosted by Koala Puffs and Tiff. They will be on video instructing and learning and seeking feedback from you all, all session long. There will be time for Q&A, bong rips and dabs, and other interactive elements throughout.

If you feel comfortable doing so (we hope you are), you'll also have a chance to pop on screen and share your video; let the class see how you're doing, maybe take a puff and get the creative juices flowing.

The Look

This will be an advanced tutorial on a Koality inspired petal look (as seen in pictures). Tiff will come to the class with one eye already finished, and everyone will create the look on 1 eye together (1 eye will take the duration of the class). This tutorial will not cover face make up, this is simply focused on the eye.

You are welcome to bring your own palette and colors to this class but we've listed below the specifics regarding Tiff's products that she will be using:

  • Eye shadow primer or concealer (2-3 shades lighter depending on your complexion)
  • Eye shadow palette- Coloured Raine: Vivid Pigment Palette (Lemon Drop) and The Crayon Case: The Matte Book Palette (the green shades)
  • Blending brushes to apply make up
  • Rhinestones from Michael's craft supply store
  • Strip lashes, lash glue, last tweezers (optional)

-You must use a valid and working email, this will be the email used for your confirmation and delivery of your Zoom link. Your link will be delivered 1 hour before the class.

5% of Your Purchase Will Be Donated Directly to Black Lives Matter to Further the Fight for Equality!

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